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Selling a home can require a lot of work and even more patience. Homeowners can save time and money by working with local real estate agents who understand the market and needs of an area. If you are interested in buying or selling your home in the Syracuse area, let John Arquette Properties be of service.

Every Home Is Different

The first thing that you should know when putting your home on the market is that every home is different. Some properties will sell faster than others based on a variety of reasons, including location, price, and turn-key availability.

After deciding that you want to sell, setting a price is the first step and one of the most important. Many homeowners find it easier to price their home after looking around at similar homes. While the ultimate pricing decision belongs to the homeowner, as local real estate experts, Realtors can help advise on home pricing.

Take Good Photos

In a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, they list property photos as the most important feature for potential homebuyers. Today, around 80 percent of buyers begin their house hunt online, meaning that having quality pictures of your home included in marketing materials is essential.

Before a home is listed online, an agent will take pictures of both the interior and exterior. Staging a home to highlight its best qualities is important and tells curious buyers a lot regarding the possibilities for the property. These days, agents often employ 360-degree cameras or videos so that interested parties can take virtual tours of the property.


In the fast-paced online sales world of today, sticking a for sale sign in your front yard is often not enough. Real estate agents can strengthen a listing by using numerous online services and tools. Interactive maps of neighborhoods on an agency's website can be an excellent way to show potential buyers the location of a home, as well as pictures, and pricing information.

When homeowners sell a home, they will typically also list the home with a local Realtor who will post information on the property through a Multiple Listing Service, or MLS. This listing service can be an incomparable tool for selling homes because it allows agents to share information with one another and to assist each other in making sales. When a property is listed on an MLS system, area real estate agents with access can view the property information and help the listing agent to sell. Since both parties receive portions of the sales commission, listing properties through an MLS can be beneficial to all parties.

Staging Your Home and Preparing to Sell

Social media, newspapers, and open houses are all great ways to get the word out when selling a home. However, even after you have cleaned your home for pictures, it’s still important that a home remains ready to be shown. Realtors can provide homeowners with some tips on upkeep for a home that is currently on the market, such as ensuring that the physical address can be easily visible from the street. Potential homebuyers should be aware that someone is living in the house, but it is best to aim for a balance between a spotless house and a lived-in home. After ensuring that a home is staged for viewing, it is important to be prepared to move fast if someone makes an offer on the property.

Realtor Expectations

Finally, communicating with a Realtor about your expectations is an important part of selling a home. A Realtor should be able to tell you what types of marketing they believe might work best for the property, and how they plan to go about advertising it. Just like every home is different, every market is different too, which is why it's important to be able to rely on your Realtor to be a pricing expert capable of creating a localized marketing plan for your home.